Rowing and canoeing on the Ruhr

Whether it's only you and your boat or a team experience: The River Ruhr strongly attracts rowers and canoeists. It's especially the contrast between the low mountain stream in the Sauerland region and the quietly flowing lowland stream in the Ruhr region, between the stretches with a rural and those with an industrial character that makes the Ruhr so appealing to many people.

Water-based activities on the Ruhr were for a long time hindered by obstacles such as weirs and ground sills. Today, however, boat channels and improved portage possibilities contribute to the paddling or rowing pleasure. One highlight when touring the Ruhr is crossing the river's impounding lakes where the quiet river landscape suddenly opens up into a spacious and lively water sports haven. Rowing and canoeing enthusiasts will find numerous landing places at water sports clubs or public piers on the impounding lakes. For safety reasons, they always have to keep an appropriate distance from weirs and power plants along the Ruhr. 

As a low mountain stream, the Ruhr is subject to strong flow fluctuations. For safety reasons, any traffic on the Ruhr and its impounding lakes is prohibited as soon as 358 centimetres are reached at the Hattingen gauging station. Different levels apply to Lake Kemnade (traffic ban from 323 centimetres at the Wetter gauging station) and Lake Baldeney (traffic ban from 431 centimetres at the Hattingen gauging station). The current water level is available through the information system of the reservoir control centre.


Rowing and canoeing on the Ruhrverband's reservoirs

Rowing, canoeing or paddling on the Möhne, Henne, Sorpe, Bigge and Lister Reservoirs is covered by the stipulations on public use and can therefore be practised free-of-charge. Different clubs have set up around the lakes, offering further information on water sports activities.

Henne Reservoir
Ruderclub Meschede

Möhne Reservoir
Möhnefreunde Soest
Ruderheim des Archigymnasiums zu Soest e. V.

Sorpe Reservoir
Ruder Club Sorpesee

Bigge and Lister Reservoirs
Yacht- und Ruder-Club Attendorn