The association's administration

The administration of the Ruhrverband is divided into two areas. The business area of the chairman comprises the technical departments Reservoirs and Waters, the Central Sewage departments and Sewage Treatment Construction and Operation. In addition, the following departments fall under the chairman's responsibility: Joint Laboratory, Technical Controlling, Corporate Communications, Internal Audit and River Basin Management.

The business area of the board member responsible for finances and human resources comprises the corporate functions Finances, Human Resources and Organisation, Property, Forestry and Ecology as well as the departments Data Processing, Central Services, Procurement and Legal Affairs and Occupational Safety.

To fulfil its diversified tasks, the Ruhrverband employs a team of engineers, chemists, biologists, utility and waste disposal experts, jurists, foresters, business people, electricians, IT specialists, administrators, sewage treatment plant operators, lab assistants, mechanics and technicians. 

At the end of 2009, the Ruhrverband employed staff with a workload equivalent to 1,011 full-time jobs. Female employees accounted for around 24 per cent. 41 young employees are currently being trained in nine different professions. Female apprentices account for around 22 per cent. In accordance with the requirements concerning the Ruhrverband's facilities, the main focus of training lies on metal processing and electronics. In order to offer young people job prospects for the future, the association deliberately employs more trainees than required to cover its needs for trained employees. This is why the Ruhrverband will not be able to offer all apprentices permanent contracts after the successful completion of their traineeships.