Waterbody Type:

Mid-sized coarse substrate-dominated siliceous highland river (Typ 9) 
Small coarse substrate-dominated siliceous highland river (type 5)
Small coarse substrate-dominated calcareous mountain river (type 7)
Elevation:151 m.a.s.l. to 565 m.a.s.l.
Length:65.1 km
Discharge:Mean low water:    0.8 m3/s
Average discharge:    7 m3/s
Mean high water:    39 m3/s
Basin:471 km2
Peculiarities:Some of the River Möhne's side arms are in a relatively natural state, as their are primarily located in the Arnsberg Forest Nature Park (Naturpark Arnsberger Wald). The lower Möhne is strongly affected by its namesake Dam and Reservoir.