Our values

The term "values" refers to the measures of value which determine the way the Ruhrverband handles its tasks and which the association expects to be acknowledged by its employees when interacting among themselves and with third parties. The Ruhrverband act forms the basis for these values, establishing the following key elements.

  • The Ruhrverband is committed to general public interests. 
  • It follows economic principles but doesn't strive for profit.
  • The Ruhrverband is based on democratic structures and functions as a self-governing body.
  • The cooperation of its members is based on cooperative principles. 
  • The Ruhrverband' work is task-oriented and the association develops its goals together with its members.
  • The Ruhrverband is politically independent and regionally positioned. 

Business guidelinesIn a joint effort, the Executive Board, senior managers and the staff council have developed business guidelines for the Ruhrverband and its subsidiaries on the basis of the Ruhrverband act. They serve as an orientation for day-to-day work and the interaction between each other.

Members at the centre

  • The Ruhrverband's members are our customers and stand at the centre of our actions.
  • We are committed to the region in which we operate. 
  • Economical solutions and thoughtful approaches for our members lead to recognition - also on an international level.


  • We fulfil our tasks with commitment and as economically as possible.
  • We follow a cost and quality-oriented approach to work. 
  • We assume an active role when it comes to developing and improving operational processes. betrieblicher Abläufe.
  • Everyone of us makes a valuable contribution to the Ruhrverband's success. 


  • Mutual trust and respect are indispensable elements of successful teamwork and for the fulfilment of our tasks.
  • We speak to each other openly and pass on information in a timely manner while observing the confidentiality of certain information.
  • Our actions are characterised by fairness and honesty.
  • We delegate responsibilities and actively assume our own responsibilities. 
  • We treat others in a way we would like to be treated by others. 


  • We stick to our agreements.
  • We are reliable and competent partners in all matters concerning water management along the River Ruhr. 
  • As reliable partners we guarantee the continuous improvement of our technological, technical, ecological, legal and economic competencies. 
  • We strive for utmost safety and the protection of our employees' health at work. 

Equal opportunities

  • It's our duty to enable gender and generation equality as well as the possibility to combine a family with employment. We ensure equal opportunities by assessing possible gender disadvantages already before a decision is being taken.
  • We offer young people prospects for the future.
  • We actively support ongoing training for our employees. 
  • We acknowledge performance and commitment across gender, age or function. 
  • Men and women enjoy equal career opportunities.  


  • We don't rest on our laurels. 
  • We continuously check whether the focus and procedures of our work are still appropriate. 
  • We develop innovative, sustainable and at the same time economical solutions for the benefit of our members and the environment.
  • We identify new developments early on and shape them based on our long-term experience in water management.