Diving in the Ruhrverband's reservoirs

Bigge Reservoir

In the Bigge Reservoir, diving is permitted at the Kraghammer Sattel (notifiable), at the Lake Bigge diving school (only for training purposes) and in the diving site Weuste (without prior notification). In times of maximum storage, the lake is up to 42 metres deep at the Kraghammer Sattel. The diving site Weuste with a maximum depth of 23 metres is also suited for beginners due to its shallow entry.

Registrations for diving at the Kraghammer Sattel (also available online)
TC Octopus Siegen  

Lake Bigge diving school

Henne Reservoir

The diving site of the Henne Reservoir is situated on the western bank next to the small marina. Diving is organised by the guard of the DLRG, the German life saving society, which can be found in the Berghauser bay. The guard issues licences upon prior reservation. The number of divers, their club memberships, a telephone number and the exact date must be specified in advance in order to obtain a licence. 

Registration (also available online)
DLRG Meschede branch 
Life-saving guard Berghauser Bay (answering machine) telephone +49 291 8991

Möhne Reservoir

The diving site of Lake Möhne is situated on the southern bank, west of the Delecke Bridge in the Delecke Bay. The diving area - a former quarry with a sandy ground - is defined by buoys. Diving is not allowed outside the designated area. The piers of the Delecke Bridge do not form part of the diving site. From the car park, which tends to be very frequented especially during the summer months, a path leads along the edges of the quarry to two possible entry spots. Dives in the Möhne Reservoir have to be registered with the DLRG Westphalia state division, specifying the number of divers and the date. 

Registration (also available online)
http://www.prodive.de -> Der Tauchplatz

Sorpe Reservoir 

Diving in the Sorpe Reservoir is possible throughout the whole year. The Lake Sorpe diving school operates a summer and a winter diving site, both of which are subject to fees. Ice diving is, however, not possible. The winter diving site is open from November 15 to March 31 and the summer site from April 1 to November 14. 

Registration and courses
Lake Sorpe diving school