Fishing at the Ruhrverband's reservoirs

With its fishery management, the Ruhrverband makes sure that its reservoirs are home to healthy fish stocks adapted to the specific conditions of each water. These fishing areas enjoy an excellent reputation among hobby fishers much beyond the Sauerland region. 

Remarkably large stocks of predatory fish such as lake trout, pike, pike-perch und perch can be found in all of the Ruhrverband's reservoirs. Those looking for a good whitefish catch will appreciate the Henne, Möhne, Sorpe and Bigge Reservoirs and soon also the Lister Reservoir. The shallow preliminary reservoirs are brilliant beats for carp and whiting fishers. And good eel stocks also feature in the broad spectrum of fishing options. 

A fishing permission contract is required in order to go fishing in the Ruhrverband's reservoirs. The combined annual licence covers the Henne, Möhne, Sorpe and Bigge Reservoirs as well as the unprotected area of the Lister Reservoir and allows for fishing in waters with a combined surface of over 2,000 hectares. There are only a limited number of combined annual licences available. The price is 150 euros for adults and 75 euros for teenagers.  

 Annual, one-week, two-day and day licences are also available for all reservoirs covered by the combined annual licence. They are only valid for one specific reservoir. In the Ruhrverband's drinking water reservoirs - the Ennepe, Verse and Fürwigge Reservoirs as well as the protected part of the Lister Reservoir - fishing is only permitted with an annual licence issued in limited numbers.  

 Fishing licences (fishing permission contracts) for the Ruhrverband reservoirs are available at fishing supply shops and tourist information offices as well as certain gas stations and kiosks near the reservoirs.  

 In addition, the Ruhrverband boosts its reservoirs' attraction to hobby fishers with fishing-friendly conditions such as licences for night fishing during the summer months, free-of-charge use of rowing boats and the permission to use vehicles with electric drives on the Möhne Reservoir. All along, the smooth operation of the reservoirs, the protection of nature and the consideration of water sports enthusiasts' interests are taken into account. This is why fishing is for instance not permitted in protected and breeding areas, near technical facilities and in reservoir sections dedicated to other purposes. This way, the Ruhrverband makes sure that its reservoirs serving many different purposes will remain attractive fishing beats in the future.