The Verse and Fürwigge Dam and Reservoir

The Verse Dam and Reservoir is located in the Märkischer Kreis District, southeast of Lüdenscheid on the northwestern flank of the Ebbe hills. A little bit to the south, above the Verse Dam and Reservoir, you will find the Fürwigge Dam and Reservoir, another Ruhrverband installation.

In addition to its main reservoir impounded by a rockfill dam, the Verse Reservoir also includes a preliminary reservoir impounded by a dam. The water is primarily discharged from the reservoir through a power plant at the foot of the Verse Dam. In contrast, the Fürwigge Reservoir is impounded by a gravity masonry dam.

In terms of climate, the Verse catchment area is subject to high annual precipitation. Average annual precipitation amounts to 1,200 millimetres.

In addition to ensuring water supplies to the Ruhr area together with other reservoirs such as the Bigge and Möhne Reservoirs, the Verse and Fürwigge Reservoirs serve to meet the immediate water supply requirements of neighbouring settlements. In order to prevent pollution of the water body to the largest extent possible, the reser-voirs were declared water protection areas in 1987. As a result, use of the protected areas for leisure and recreation activities is subject to strict limitations.