The Henne Dam and Reservoir

In 1927, the Ruhr Reservoirs Association (Ruhrtalsperrenverein) took over the Henne Dam and Reservoir built on the Henne River between 1901 and 1905 by the Upper Ruhr Reser-voirs Cooperative (Talsperrengenossenschaft der oberen Ruhr). Its masonry dam was 38 metres high and impounded eleven million cubic metres of water. However, it was decom-missioned for safety reasons in 1949 and was replaced by the new Henne Dam and Reser-voir with a storage capacity of 38.4 million cubic metres in 1950-1955. The Henne Reservoir serves to ensure water supply, flood protection and hydropower generation and is used for recreational purposes. The main reservoir contains two bathing areas and a diving spot with a maximum depth of 30 metres. The preliminary reservoir at Mielinghausen offers another bathing area. Several rowing and sailing clubs are located on the banks of the Henne Reservoir.