Waste water treatment at the Ruhrverband

The Ruhrverband ensures the purity and thus the water quality of the River Ruhr. Every day, its 69 sewage treatment plants purify the sewage produced by 2.2 million inhabitants and the local companies, making sure that only purified water is discharged back into the Ruhr. Thus, the Ruhrverband makes a major contribution towards environmental protection – internationally, the Ruhr compares very favourably to rivers in other industrial areas of the world. Indeed, it is one of the cleanest rivers in an industrial area today, housing even demanding fish such as trout, grayling, and even salmon. 

The Ruhrverband plans, constructs, and operates sewage treatment plants as a one-stop provider. That is why experience gained from operational activity can be used for consistent, ongoing development and technical improvements. Closely intertwining planning, construction, and operation in this way is a successful endeavour as can be seen from the high quality of effluents from Ruhrverband sewage treatment plants.