Hydropower stations at the Ruhr's impounded lakes

All dams at the Ruhr's impounded lakes, with the exception of the weir at Kemnad, are used to generate hydropower. A hydropower station for Lake Kemnad is currently under construction. Altogether, the power stations of the various impounded lakes have a capacity of 27.4 megawatts, generating an average amount of 88.5 KW/h per year.

In addition, the creation of Lake Hengstey offered an opportunity to build a pumped storage hydrostation. Thus, at times of light load, the “Koepchenwerk” hydrostation can pump about 1.5 million cubic metres of water from Lake Hengstey to a reservoir situated higher up within 7.5 hours. At times of peak load, this reservoir can be emptied in a little under four hours, thus serving an important function as a peak energy supplier.

Hydrostation technical specifications

Lake HengsteyStiftsmühleLake HarkortLake KemnadeLake BaldeneyLake Kettwiger
Average head (m)
Turbines3 Kaplan3 Kaplan3 Kaplan1 Kaplan2 Kaplan 1)3 Kaplan
Maximum design flow (m3/s)10011012035140145
Capacity (MW)
Average annual production (Mil. kWh)13.07.524.

1) Additional reverse pump turbine 1 x Kaplan